I wanted to do a video on how we need to treat each other better on social media, in light of the very sad death of Caroline Flack, I think it is extremely important that we all review how we judge others. Our actions on social media DO have an effect!!

No one is perfect, we all judge at some point in our lives, if not daily. We judge people because they are not aligned with what we desire, whether it is their actions we disagree with, their choice of clothes, their language used; it is at odds with us and what we deem to be right. It is fine to have an opinion, your core values are yours and no matter how hard you try judgement will slip into your thoughts when something goes against your values.

The serious problem starts when people decide to voice that judgement instead of keeping it as just a thought! Voicing your judgement for all the world to see on social media platforms has never been easier, people can hide behind their screens, in their little protected bubbles and don't think twice about what could be a very hurtful comment. There is no immediate repercussion, unlike if you voiced that judgement to someones face, you would see the hurt/anger and maybe get some very choice words said back to you. Yes you may get a comment back but it is easily brushed aside when you're hiding behind a screen and don't have someone screaming in your face. You get a few nasty messages back? Oh yeah you can block them. It is that easy.

The media is rife with tearing people down, let's be honest when was the last time the media actually shone anyone in a good light?? No the media thrives off of sharing bad news, they know people like to gossip, they know just how to send the public into a frenzy! Angry, outraged public = more money to the media. Why? Why not share stories of Love, peace, compassion instead? Well hate to say it, but it is because WE would not buy the magazines/newspapers etc if there wasn't something to gossip about!

It is truely sad that the western world has become obsessed with gossip, with tearing people down...we have become obsessed with hating others. Fueled by the ease at which you can tear someones life apart on social media, the huge increase in reality TV series that actually embodies judging others, the fact that it is drilled into us from a young age that you must be successful, you must be better than others! We are teaching our future generation that it is ok to judge others, that it is ok the loudly voice your opinion and sod the consequences!

Does that seem right to you?

I have had nasty comments made about me (watch the video!), they hurt but I have also gotten very good at not giving a damn! But not everyone can have that attitude, and I am sure if I was getting the barrage of abuse like Caroline was I too would sink into dark depression.

People instantly believe the first story they hear, why? Because something in the story has gone against their moral values. Instead of looking at the story for what it is, just a story, written by someone else which has been pasted down by third hand information, they instantly believe every word. Forgetting how bad the press can be towards people. They see the story and believe it to be true! So are people that stupid? Well no, some people are, some people live for hurting others, but the most are simply lured in by the sly work of the media, they touch on nerves which they know will affect most of the public.

We can't escape what the media post, which is mostly a load of bollocks! Sorry but it is. However we can chose to ignore what they write. I do not buy magazines or newspapers anymore, I don't watch the news either, because I don't want to see or hear about shitty gossip and the lies being spread. If I want to know about a particular person I go to their website or official social media platform and hear it from them.

Too many kids and adults are being harrassed and bullied online, resulting in an increase in suicides, this must stop. We have power over the media...just stop buying their crap! simple. We have the power to stop harrassment, it's quite simple don't voice a nasty opinion. If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. If you can't give nice constructive criticism then you should think before writing something!

To send someone hate mail because it makes you feel good, well that is no justification. No one deserves that level of harrassment and hate.

It deeply saddens me to see our society falling apart, that people find it easier to hate rather than love.

Here is my video:


Sending love to all Carolines family and friends


Peace and love



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